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Dr. William Anderson

My name is Dr. William Anderson. I have had a calling to work in various forms of ministry most of my life. My compassion for young people has allowed God to direct me to work in the education field as a principal and athletic director at Sterling Junior/Senior High School in Sterling, Kansas.

I have had experience preaching, teaching, leading youth and adults into developing their relationship with the Lord. I have counseled, led Bible studies with small and large groups, baptized, married and sought to disciple men and women.

I have been married to a wonderful, Godly women (Karen) for twenty-one years and I have three daughters: Bethany, Morgan, Aubrey. I enjoy exercising, reading and spending time with my family.

Below would be my philosophy of ministry:

“It would be my philosophy to honor the Lord through reading, studying, leading and worshiping using God’s precious word. I believe that the truth of God’s word (John 17:17) is what sanctifies us and what deepens unity and fellowship.

It would also be my philosophy that through whatever form of ministry we hold to a high view of God and his word. I believe through preaching, teaching, and discipleship that people are called to personal holiness, which in turn builds up the bride of Christ……..His Church.”

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