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5 Questions on Preaching with Joe McKeever

Dr. Joe McKeever has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 50 years. He spent 42 of those years pastoring six Southern Baptist Churches and five years as Director of Missions for the Southern Baptist churches in metro-New Orleans. He has also been writing and cartooning for religious publications for over 40 years. Though he is now retired and living in New Orleans, he is constantly on the road filling pulpits. Find Dr. […]

Giveaway: “Recapturing the Voice of God: Shaping Sermons Like Scripture” by Steven W. Smith

Enter below to win a copy of Recapturing the Voice of God:  Shaping Sermons Like Scripture by Dr. Steven W. Smith. There is a difference between preaching from the Bible and preaching that allows the Bible to drive the substance, structure, and spirit of the sermon. A text-driven sermon allows the structure of the text to become buoyant, to come to the surface so that the sermon can be built around that structure. In this way […]

5 Questions on Preaching with Tom Ascol

Dr. Tom Ascol has served as a pastor of Grace Baptist Church since 1986. He regularly preaches and lectures at various conferences throughout the United States and other countries. serves as the Executive Director of Founders Ministries. You may read his insights at the Founders Blog and at his personal blog – Q1: How long does it typically take you to prepare a sermon? A: This can vary significantly depending on the circumstance. In the rhythms […]

5 Questions on Preaching with Spencer Haygood

Spencer Haygood (M.Div., SBTS) has been a pastor for 23 years and Senior Pastor of Orange Hill Baptist Church for 13 years. He also works as an adjunct professor at Brewton-Parker College and Anderson University. He serves as a chaplain in the Georgia State Defense Force and as a Senior Chaplain for the Cobb County Police Department.  Q1: How long does it typically take you to prepare a sermon? Any given Sunday morning message will take 15-20 […]

5 Questions on Preaching with Franklin Kirksey

Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey has been pastor of the First Baptist Church of Spanish Fort, Alabama, for 11 years, has been preaching for 29 years and is author of Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice, Don’t Miss the Revival! Messages for Revival and Spiritual Awakening from Isaiah, and Discover Unclaimed Treasure: Secrets from the Psalter.   Q1: How long does it typically take you to prepare a sermon? Preaching is a passion, therefore, […]

5 Questions on Preaching with Brad Whitt

Dr. Brad Whitt is the Pastor of the Abilene Baptist Church in Augusta, GA. Dr. Whitt has a DMin in Expository Preaching from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and is currently pursuing a PhD in preaching at SEBTS under Dr. Akin. Q1: How long does it typically take you to prepare a sermon? A: A typical Sunday morning sermon takes me between 25 and 40 hours. About one hour for every minute of preaching. I keep […]

5 Questions on Preaching with Johnny Hunt

Dr. Johnny Hunt has been the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock in Woodstock, GA for 29 years, has been preaching for 39 years, and is former President of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Q1: How long does it typically take you to prepare a sermon? A: Mark, if I am undisturbed and I have chosen the passage I plan to preach in 7-8 hours I have totally finished the message.  There is still preparation time […]

Giveaway! Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller

Update: This giveaway has ended! I am giving away two copies of Tim Keller’s just released book Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism. That means there will be two winners who will receive one copy each. Check out the following excerpt below from the prologue under the subheading “The Secret of Great Preaching.” Then, scroll down and enter the giveaway! My Best, Mark Lamprecht   One day I was reading Acts 16, the account of Paul’s planting […]

How Can I Get Opportunities to Preach? (Part 3 of 3) by Doug Smith

In our conclusion to this series, we look at a variety of opportunities to preach outside the pulpit. Ministering Beyond the Pulpit Whether or not you find yourself with opportunities to preach in a church service, opportunities abound outside the church.  Some of these are situations where the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few (Luke 10:2).  There may be little to no public recognition and there may be no monetary compensation… but if […]

How Can I Get Opportunities to Preach? (Part 2 of 3) by Doug Smith

Having discussed the importance of the preacher’s motivation in part 1 of this series, we now look at specific opportunities that may be available for preaching.  Many venues abound for those seeking to proclaim Christ, yet most preachers desire to minister in the context of a church service. Ministering in a Church The problem with preaching in a church service is that opportunities to stand behind a pulpit in the church are limited and vary […]

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