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Wiley, Tyler

Name: Tyler Wiley Home church: Urbancrest Baptist Church Pastor: Tom Pendergrass Denomination: SBC Licensed/Ordained: November 2017 Education/Experience: Urbancrest Mission College Preaching Topics: Missions, Evangelism Brief Biography: I was born November 18, 1995. I was led to the Lord by my Grandmother at the age of 6/7. At the age of 12, I was called to missions. As an adult, I served as Youth Leader for 3 years. In 2015, I married my wife, Samantha, and […]

Bentley Walker

I’m a Keystone born and raised transplanted in Hoosier land (born in New Castle, PA, raised in Wampum, PA and currently residing in Fort Wayne, IN). After high school in PA I attended three universities and earned a BA in Bible and Religion and a Masters in Christian Ministries. I am a relational rarity in today’s world: I had two sets of Christian grandparents; I have a wonderful Christian parents and I’m married to a […]

Pico, Bryce L.

By looking at God’s historical relationship with His people, Bryce helps people understand what they believe, why they believe it, and how their beliefs shape their lives. He is called to empower others to discover their God-given talents and individual purpose in building God’s Kingdom. Bryce is a gifted writer and teacher. He is a former journalist and educator, having earned an advanced degree in history. He is currently pursuing a ministry degree and is […]

Tilton, Skip (Creation Evangelist)

A native of New England, Skip grew up between homes in Essex, CT and Cuttyhunk Island, MA. During high school, Skip studied at a vocational technical school to become an electrician. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the US Navy and served as a Sonar Technician on board a nuclear submarine. While in the Navy, however, his whole life changed. He became a Christian. After serving six years in the Navy, Skip was honorably discharged and […]

DeHaan, Dave

  WHO I AM: Pastor-teacher with 15+ years experience in local church ministry who is committed to expositional preaching/teaching and gospel-shaped shepherding. Able to draw from a variety of ministry as well as marketplace experiences in caring for God’s people. Husband of one woman for the last 25 years. Father of five (ages 11-22). Drinker of too much coffee. Sports fan. Classic rock listener. Youth coach. Do-it-yourselfer. HOW I PREACH: Expositional, Gospel-centered (Jesus is the answer!), Redemptive […]

Theobald, Nick

  Bio: Nick Theobald is a follower of Christ who is passionate about sharing with others about the truth of the gospel and the incredible nature of the God who created us. His ministry background includes seven years in full-time pastoral ministry in Colorado and Michigan. His teaching experience ranges from group sizes small to large and everywhere in between. Nick loves teaching that encourages both seekers as well as believers and is deeply committed to helping people take […]

Locke, Jason

I am an evangelical preacher that has extensive training in the Brethren tradition and the Baptist tradition. The past 12 years I have been doing jail and prison ministry. I am an assistant Chaplain at the Elkhart County Jail. Monday night I have a service/Bible Study with the men incarcerated in Cpod of the jail. I also play a role in helping these men when they are released from the jail or prison system. I […]

Cessna, Shane (Creation Speaker)

Creation speaker Shane Cessna has a B.App.Sc. in Computer Management from Eastern Illinois University and an A.A.Sc in Administration of Justice from Olney Central College. He has spent six years as a worship leader and Sunday school teacher. He has been involved in the creation debate for many years and is also a member of the Creation Research Society. He is now a speaker for CMI-US. Shane hopes to share with Christians that a belief […]

Tay, Joel (Creation Speaker)

Creation speaker Joel Tay became a Christian at the age of seven after his father, a pastor, shared the Gospel with him. Ever since, he has been interested in apologetics and the defense of the faith, and in particular how evolution affects Christian theology. In 2001, He graduated with a Diploma in Biotechnology (equivalent to a 3 year Associate Degree) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) with an emphasis on the commercial viability of rooftop hydroponics […]

Halley, Keaton (Creation Speaker)

Although creation speaker Keaton Halley was converted to Christ as a young boy, for years he had unanswered questions about why evolution and the evidence he learned in science classes was not consistent with the Bible stories he heard in church. It wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he first heard a creation speaker explain how the geological evidence, dinosaurs, and biological complexity were completely consistent with the Bible’s historical account. To […]

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