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Locke, Jason

I am an evangelical preacher that has extensive training in the Brethren tradition and the Baptist tradition. The past 12 years I have been doing jail and prison ministry. I am an assistant Chaplain at the Elkhart County Jail. Monday night I have a service/Bible Study with the men incarcerated in Cpod of the jail. I also play a role in helping these men when they are released from the jail or prison system. I […]

Moorefield, Chuck

Name: Chuck Moorefield Home church: New Friendship Baptist Church, Winston Salem, NC Pastor: Rev. Chris Byrne Denomination: Southern Baptist Licensed/Ordained: Ordained December 10, 2011 Statement of Faith/Theology: Theologically Conservative Education/Experience: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Virginia Commonwealth University. Master of Ministry (M. Min.), Piedmont International University. Preaching Topics: Anything in the Bible. Evangelism. Current events relative to a Biblical viewpoint. Preaching Samples: Coming Soon Additional Notes: I will preach anywhere God calls and am unhindered […]

Ricci, John “Jay”

Name: John “Jay” Ricci Home church: Centro Familiar Cristiano (Christian Family Center) Pastor: Pastor Jonathan Quiceno Denomination: Non-denominational Licensed/Ordained: Ordained a deacon in December 2013. Statement of Faith/Theology: Conservative Education/Experience: B.A., University of MA Boston. B.TH, Gulf Coast Bible Institute.  Sketch Board Training with Open Air Campaigners evangelism ministry. Health Minister Training, Hallelujah Acres/Hallelujah Diet Preaching Topics: Anything in the Bible but usually I preach evangelistic sermons and revival/re-commitment type messages. I can also preach about false religions as well. […]

Sargent, Rev. Donald

Name: Rev. Donald Sargent over 25 years of full time ministry experience. Gifted preacher/teacher. Ordained: September 15, 1993 Statement of Faith/Theology:  Covenental, Calvinistic, Conservative Evangelical Personal Testimony:  I always tell people that I was born on a Monday and went to church the next Sunday!!  I was raised by Christian parents and at the age of four, my Dad led me in prayer to receive Jesus as my Savior. I was always very active and […]

Self, Daniel

Name: Daniel Self Home church: Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church Pastor: Rev. Joby Fowler Statement of Faith/Theology: 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith Education/Experience: AAS Theology, Davis College (2011); BRE Pastoral Ministries/Hebrew, Davis College(2016);  MDiv, Reformed Baptist Seminary (In Progress anticipated Graduation 2020/21) Preaching Topics: Gospel, Law and Gospel, Christ Crucified and risen again, Personal responsibility in matters of faith (emphasis on relying on God’s power), I believe all verses in all 66 books of the Bible are to be used for preaching. […]

Hollermann, Jared

Name: Jared Hollermann Home church: Mission Church Pastor: Dale Stinson Denomination: Southern Baptist Conference Licensed/Ordained: Current Student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Statement of Faith/Theology: 2000 BAPTIST FAITH & MESSAGE Education/Experience: M.Div Student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Preaching Topics: Any Bible Passage Preaching Samples: Additional Notes: Willing to travel a reasonable distance. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Brief Biography: My desire is to see the local church be the […]

Jerrold J. Reams

Name: Jerrold Reams Home Church: Cornerstone E.P.C., Brighton, MI  (Senior Pastor: Dr. Richard Alberta) Ordination: National Association of Christian Ministers (2014) Statement of Faith/Theology: I believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father but by Him. A person receives the free gift of salvation by believing/trusting fully in the finished work of Jesus plus nothing else. Once someone has truly put their trust in […]

Russell, Casey

Name: Casey Russell Home church: Grace Bible Church of Oxford Pastor: JD Shaw Denomination: SBC Licensed/Ordained: yes, both Statement of Faith/Theology: I affirm baptist faith and message. Education/Experience: Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies from blue mountain college in process of m/div in biblical counseling from southeastern baptist theological seminary   Brief Biography: serve as a volunteer at grace bible church under the elders: including developing outreach ministries and missions; preaching; discipling; community group leader. Enjoy […]

Cessna, Shane (Creation Speaker)

Creation speaker Shane Cessna has a B.App.Sc. in Computer Management from Eastern Illinois University and an A.A.Sc in Administration of Justice from Olney Central College. He has spent six years as a worship leader and Sunday school teacher. He has been involved in the creation debate for many years and is also a member of the Creation Research Society. He is now a speaker for CMI-US. Shane hopes to share with Christians that a belief […]

Tay, Joel (Creation Speaker)

Creation speaker Joel Tay became a Christian at the age of seven after his father, a pastor, shared the Gospel with him. Ever since, he has been interested in apologetics and the defense of the faith, and in particular how evolution affects Christian theology. In 2001, He graduated with a Diploma in Biotechnology (equivalent to a 3 year Associate Degree) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) with an emphasis on the commercial viability of rooftop hydroponics […]

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