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Chris Cantrell

I am a thirty-one year old  graduate from Emmaus Bible College and have my Bachelor’s of Science in Biblical and Theological Studies located in Dubuque Iowa. Not only do I believe it is important to know the Word, it is equally so to live it. As far as preaching goes, it is an ability that God has gifted me with, and continues to develop in me. I practice what is called expository preaching, which means a sermon that highlights a passage verse by verse providing explanation, modern relevance, as well as application of a specific text withing Scripture. Each of my sermons are written through a meticulous process of not just hermeneutics, but also Christian philosophy and are developed to be content rich, concluding with concrete application that is relevant. I believe that a sermon should be Biblically grounded and audience relevant bestowing upon the hearer both intellectual exposition for thinking and call to action in their living. My denomination is non denominational as my home place of fellowship is a Brethren Assembly. Over the past three years I have preached at camps, churches, seminars, schools, including my alma mater on several occasions, and have even had the privilege to teach to teach the Bible for three months at a college. Needless to say, I love to preach, and take every element, from the writing process to actual delivery, very seriously. On top of that I can also provide references from credible men who are leaders in the world of Bible teaching and preaching. There truly is nothing more challenging, yet rewarding, than sharing the Word of God with people, something that I plan to spend the rest of my life doing. As far as honorarium, I am open to offers, and value the experience as much as the pay. My preference is not to travel more than two to four hours one way from my town. I am available, whether being scheduled in advance or on short notice, my desire is to serve you in whatever way possible.


If you are interested in having me speak at your church, I would enjoy doing so.

Contact Information

Mobile Phone: (931)-314-0893


In Him,

-Chris Cantrell



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