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Dilley, Dan

I was ordained by a community church where I pastored for 10 years. For the past 5 years I have been a chaplain at the Denver Rescue Mission where I disciple men searching for a new life in Christ.  I attend a Calvary Chapel church in Denver, Co. and lead a small group there.  I enjoy preaching verse by verse, making God’s Word fun, challenging, and applicable.

I thoroughly enjoy preaching God’s Word and am willing to go anywhere to do that with provided traveling and lodging expenses.

In addition to presenting a sermon I would also love to teach a Bible study where there can be a lot of interaction. That is one of my favorite atmospheres and hopefully we can arrange that, too.

I would also like to offer my services for one-on-one time with any members of your congregation that might be interested.  As a chaplain most of my time is spent in one-on-one counseling and discipleship and I have grown to love this kind of ministry. I also believe it is extremely effective ministry.

Finally I would like to offer a fitness class which would incorporate exercise with upbeat Christian music. As a former ACE personal trainer I am experienced and equipped in the fitness industry and would love to show you how fun this can be. All ages and levels of fitness can take part and it is simply a wonderful time of fellowship, fun, and exercise.

I look forward to times of fellowship, fun, refreshment, and growth with new brothers and sisters in Christ. If this sounds like something your congregation might benefit from let’s communicate and work something out.

I post videos on Facebook daily under Dan Dilley (Denver Rescue Mission Chaplain). These are summaries of OT and NT readings as I go through the Bible each year. Feel free to visit my page and check it out.


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