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Drenoske, Tom

You are considering candidates to fill a PULPIT SUPPLY NEED or an INTERIM PASTOR POSITION, aren’t you?  This site has helped meet the needs of many churches by making the selection-process much clearer and less stressful.

Hi!  My name is Tom and I am a graduate of Multnomah Bible College and of Denver Seminary, with a Master’s degree in Biblical Literature.  I have over 25 years of experience preaching and teaching God’s Word as a college campus minister, pastor, chaplain, retirement home pastor, interim pastor, and pulpit supplier.  Grace Baptist Church of Orange, CA licensed me for the ministry, as did the Morton Community Bible Church in Morton, WA;  and I was formally ordained at Evergreen Bible Church in Vancouver, WA.   Three churches invited me to serve as their interim pastor, and I did so for a year at each church.  I am a member of Nursing Home Ministries and conduct week-day services each week at healthcare facilities in northeast Portland, southeast Portland, Gresham, and Milwaukie.

My messages are expository, and  my goal in preaching is to glorify God and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by sharing what I have learned from my study of God’s Word.  I also use illustrations and cross-references to help draw out the principles being taught in the passage of Scripture, so that the sermon might become personal and practical for believers and non-believers.  A Scripture that motivates me is I Peter 4:10,11 – being a good steward of the gifts that God has entrusted to me, for His glory.

Please visit my blog site:,  where I have stored over 70 of my sermons so far.  I’m adding to that number as I study the scriptures.   You will find messages on Philippians, the epistle of James, the book of Jonah, and assorted seasonal and topical sermons.  I am currently studying the Gospel of John.  My LinkedIn site is:  It has a picture of me and more information about my interests and desires.

The honorarium for preaching is negotiable, as is a mileage allowance for driving.  I would be willing to travel up to two hours one-way to preach.  If  I came on Saturday and spent the night, I would be willing to travel farther.  My goal in providing pulpit supply is not to make money, but supply a need.  I trust that you will give according to your ability.

Please send an email or give me a call and we can talk it over.  I welcome your questions and concerns  and want you to make an informed decision.  It will also give me the privilege of praying for you and with you about your decision.

May God supply you with a pulpit supply preacher that meets your needs and His desires for you.

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