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Goodhue, Strat

Strat in the Garden TombName: Strat Goodhue

Home church: Calvary Chapel South (Kent, WA)

Pastor: Kevin Day

Denomination: Non-denominational (Calvary Chapel) but not opposed to denominations.

Licensed/Ordained: Ordained Pastor

Statement of Faith/Theology: Conservative Evangelical

Education/Experience: Preached/taught in hundreds of churches across the U.S. Also spoke at conferences (Men’s Conf., Pastors Conf.). Authored two books (available on Amazon and “How to Know the Will of God” and “The Place of Joy.”

Preaching Topics: Whatever the Bible teaches. I particularly like preaching on walking intimately with God, prayer, the love of God, loving God and hearing from God, but I am open to preaching/teaching about any Biblical topic.

Preaching Samples:

Brief Biography:
• Spoke in hundreds of churches across the U.S. Spoke at a Calvary Chapel pastors conference in Japan, missions conferences, men’s conferences and on radio.
• Authored and published two discipleship books- How to Know the Will of God, and The Place of Joy.
• Five years experience as Associate pastor of Calvary Chapel Windward (Kailua, Hawaii). Led home fellowships for a number of years and taught through several books of the Bible. Led discipleship groups (Navigators) and taught Sunday school.
• Facilitated Calvary Chapel Bible College classes.
• Taught Apologetics (spoke at one apologetics conference and taught a number of classes).
• Experienced in evangelism and street witnessing.
• Served as a missionary for nine months in the south pacific nation of Tonga.
• Traveled to Israel.
• Attended Calvary Chapel Bible College extension campus in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Additional Notes: Speaking fee- $150. Available to speak in WA, northern OR. (Additional travel expenses required for further travel. Contact for more information.)

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