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Summerlin, Stephen

Getting back to what Scripture says.


Stephen Summerlin grew up in a traditional, Bible-belt church setting, but like many others, had no idea what following Christ truly meant. He fell into the cycle of “checklist Christianity,” thus attending church and fitting into the religious “norm” out of obligation rather than sincerity. He led a very toxic lifestyle full of sin and hypocrisy and looked to relationships to fill the void in his life and give him a sense of purpose.

After countless relationships and two failed marriages, Stephen finally came to his breaking point and truly surrendered his life to God. Ever since then he has devoted his life and ministry to being an evangelist and teaching people what it means to follow Christ and live with urgency and authenticity. His heart is to see people step into the radical lifestyle Christ has called them to, rather than remaining in the complacent, “normal” lifestyle our culture has developed. He has a passion for changing lives, developing leaders, and showing people there is hope in Christ regardless of your past.

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