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Trapp, Tad

Well Trained and Experienced

Tad is a former pastor (9 years) and graduate of Moody Bible Institute (BA), Denver Seminary (MA) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (ThM). He is married to his wife of 23 years and has three sons; two of them attend Kansas State University, and one is a senior in high school. His first kingdom priority is his family, leading them well, and mentoring his sons. Tad’s primary spiritual gifts are evangelism and teaching.

Cross Cultural and International

Tad recently resigned (lovingly and peacefully) as pastor to take over a small 501c3, which trains pastors in poor countries. His most rewarding experience as a pastor was reuniting a split church, and developing an intensive discipleship program. Currently, Tad takes several trips a year to train pastors and ministry leaders in developing countries. In addition to serving as a local pastor, Tad has a broad range of ministry experience, from overseas missionary to prison evangelist. He has served as a visiting teacher in churches, schools, prisons and retreat centers in the U.S. and abroad. He has a passion for the Word of God, evangelism, discipleship and compassion ministry. Tad is available most Sundays and will travel. At least $250 plus expenses is expected (exceptions can be made for smaller churches).

Trekking in Africa
Trekking in Africa
Tad, Susan, Ian
Tad, Susan, and Sons


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