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Zondo, Paul

My name is Paul and my wife of seven years is Lydia. We are from Liberia 7000 miles away and live in Montana with our four years old son. We currently pastor a local church in Liberia via Satellite/distance. We also pastored churches in Columbus, Ohio and Brooklyn Park Minnesota years ago.

Education: I completed Reach Institute of Biblical Studies in Liberia with a diploma taught by Professor Dr. Ramesh Richard of Dallas Theological Seminary,  a Bachelors in Biblical studies from Eastern Missouri Bible College and 1 year of studies in Missions and Evangelism at Sioux Falls Seminary. I am currently studying Criminal Justice at American Intercontinental University.

Ministry Experience: I have more than fifteen years of ministry experience in the areas of evangelism and church planting  from refugee camps in Liberia, Ghana and Ivory Coast and more than five of those years as senior pastor overseas and in the States. I have authored a self-published book titled” Missions, the Heart Beat of God” 2012.

Our Passion is to motivate the church to share Christ through evangelism, missions, and church planting. We would like to share our story of how God brought us from darkness to light (from paganism to Christ).  We will respond to invites from any Christian denomination. Our denominational orientation is Baptist, Pentecostal, and non-denomination. We are open to invites in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, Colorado. An honorarium is encouraged to offset gas/hotel or airplane ticket.

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