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Armstrong, Paul I.

Name: Paul I. Armstrong

Communicating Practical Faith
Paul I. Armstrong

Home church: Cornerstone Christian Church

Pastor: Rev Robert (Bob) Paddock

Denomination: Christian Church of Christ

Licensed/Ordained:1987 Deacon, 1993 Elder – Free Methodist Church of N. America

Statement of Faith/Theology: I strive to make Biblical theology practical and accessible. I affirm the Apostle’s Creed, am conservative, Biblical and evangelistic.

Education/Experience: BA/Spring Arbor University, 30+ years pastoral experience.

Preaching Topics: Practical Christianity, Spiritual Leadership, Faith, Family, Spiritual Growth,  Prayer

Preaching Samples:

Additional Notes:

I strive to be practical and gospel centered in my preaching. I want people to know that the Christian faith is a reasonable basis for a rewarding life.

Personal Experience:

I married my wife Barbara since 1974. We have 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

I was young when I was called to ministry, but did not come to know Jesus Christ until I was 30 years old. At my conversion God’s calling was renewed and I pursued it.

I was appointed to my first church in 1985, the same year I started college making my education both academic and practical.

I have managed several small businesses, served as a leadership consultant, and helped create several not for profit organizations.

Preaching Style:

Mine is a conversational/storyteller style. The intent is to make the listener comfortable enough to hear and respond to hard truth. One of the nicest things said to me has been, “You’re hard on sin, but not on people.” 


I am willing to travel to serve your community. An honorarium and travel expenses can be negotiated depending upon your location and needs.