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Creation Speakers at No Fee

Creation Ministries International is a global creation apologetics ministry that specializes in answering the hardest questions people have about Biblical origins— questions like “Where did Cain get his wife,” “What about dinosaurs,” “How old are fossils,”  and “Why do we see so much death and suffering in the world?”  We show people that the Gospel is rooted in the book of Genesis. This message really resonates with the whole congregation and is essential if we are to […]

Cobb, Arden

Summary: I’m 25 years old, love the process of studying and sharing what I’ve learned about the bible in a relatable, rigorous way and a perpetual lover of all things nerdy. I look forward to meeting people, hearing their stories and sharing my own. I only need 12 hours notice for churches in the Los Angeles area and 24 for the rest of California or Arizona. Home Church: Sanctuary Covenant Prescott Website Pastor: Jesse Burke […]

Chapman, Jason

Isiah 6:8 Name: Jason Chapman Home church: Grace Methodist Church Palestine, Texas Pastor: Reverend Phillip Chamberlain Denomination: I attend a Methodist Church but I am not a Methodist Minister. Statement of Faith/Theology: I am a Christian/The word of God. Education/Experience: I have served in full-time non-paid ministry for approximately 10 years. I have been fortunate enough to serve in several different capacities. I served as a youth minister, worship team bass player and vocalist, and small […]

McCune, Mike

God saved me when I was 16. I began slowly reading the Bible from that time and had an insatiable desire to read and study His Word. It slowly became clear to me that I wanted to teach His Word. So I went to Bible college and seminary to be trained to teach and lead God’s people. I have been a youth pastor, associate pastor as well as a lead pastor. I love to study, […]

Thompson, Michael

I am a born again.  I was saved as a young child, however when I was 14 I experienced a profound Christ experience where my life was radically transformed and I felt a calling into ministry. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Pastoral Ministry from Central Christian College of McPherson, KS.  I am currently working on my M.Div. through Liberty University.  I have served pretty much every capacity of the local church.  Additionally, I […]

Butler, Michael

I am now in my 4th year at The Master’s Seminary in Southern California and I will be graduating with an M.Div in May 2016. I am a member of Grace Community Church under the shepherding-pastoral / teaching ministry of John MacArthur. I serve under the direct leadership of pastor Bill Shannon in the Faithbuilders fellowship group at GCC. I teach a bible study in the home of elder Tom Leman on the first and […]

Leonard, Paul

Hello, my name is Paul from the Inland Empire in Southern California. I’m 4 classes away from an Mdiv at Fuller with a 3.6 gpa. I’m none-denominational but from a Calvinist and PCUSA background. I can’t go with them, but neither fit with the OPC or PCA because I am more Scottish than continental reformed (more pnuemetelogical) and there is no way to proceed with their ordination process in my part of California. But I […]

Couch, Ryan

I was a pastor and church planter for 15 years. Currently taking a break to further my education. I have a Master’s degree in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary and I’m currently seeking an additional Master’s degree from Knox Theological Seminary. I’m passionate about the gospel and seeing Christians realize the sufficiency of Christ in all matters of life and faith. Here is a link to some of my most recent sermons –  

Dobbins, Cameron

My name is Cameron Dobbins and I live in sunny Southern California with my beautiful wife Roanna, my daughter Selah, and our son Cameron Jr. My passion is to make the Bible clear and to demonstrate the relevance of God’s word to everyday life without compromising the centrality of Christ and the gospel. I pray that those who hear me preach or read my work find themselves both challenged and encouraged in the faith. One […]

Rhee, David

Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in December 2014 with a Master of Arts degree in Theology and Ministry. Currently serving as a Substitute Pastor for The Desert Hills Presbyterian Church. Currently an Adjunct Professor at Horizon University of Los Angeles. Teaching a course on Theology & Film. I enjoy preaching to diverse congregations and am always looking for more opportunities to delivers God’s message with others. Requested honorarium of $150.   Your Name (required) Your […]

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