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Chernosky, J.M.

Setting the Word.
Setting the Word.

Get ready! Revival is real and waiting for you! Tired of the worldly “preaching” and unbiblical ways?  Want to engage, inspire, and recalibrate your church?   Then read further.

Saved at a young age, called to preach and teach as a young man, set apart to redevelop faith communities and lead revival, and sharing a roller coaster of Godly journeys…I am willing to share and care for your congregation.  It could be for one day or one hundred.  No distance is too close or too far.  I’ll leave the rest up to God.

Yes, I have a few letters behind my name, so I am educated in theology, education, and the school of hard knocks.  I have served as a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Pastor of Administration, Youth Leader, and Sunday School teacher for multiple ages.  If you are seeking an experience with God… then let’s share!

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