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Jim Crouch

Name: James (“Jim”) Crouch

Home church: Bridge Christian Fellowship, Oak Harbor WA

Pastor: Rick Crawford

Denomination: Non-denominational

Licensed/Ordained:  15 Dec 2019

Statement of Faith/Theology: Bridge Christian Fellowship.

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Technology (BSEET) & Master of Science in Education (MSEd), Both from Old Dominion University.

Teaching Topics: Anything in the Bible

Teaching Samples:

Teaching is my passion and I am currently employed as a high school history teacher, so traveling far from my home base (Oak Harbor, WA) during the school year is harder to do.

Brief Biography:

  • On-Fire for the Lord:
    • I accepted the Lord as my savior September 28th, 1978. 
    • After a Keith Green concert in 1981, I rededicated my life to the Lord.  Keith Green’s ministry was all about waking up the church and the Spirit used Keith Green’s ministry to wake me up. 
  • Teaching opportunities:
    • Initially I taught Sunday School in 1992 and really felt at home teaching and encouraging young people in the Word.
    • After retiring from the Navy in 1999 and went back to school to get a teaching endorsement and Masters in Education and began teaching high school history since 2001
    • Over the years I have filled in for my pastor during his vacations. Some of those teachings can be heard on the Bridge Christian Fellowship’s page in the book of James.
  • Active Ministry:
    • Active in High School Youth Ministry from 1990-2014
    • In 2014 God called me away from youth ministry to begin a young adult’s ministry aimed at re-connecting young adults back into the body of Christ aptly named Connect.  I teach the Word at Connect and my teachings can be heard there.

Monetary expectations: Long distances will require that I bring our little camper and would need a place with hookups to park it.

Regarding Travel distance: During the school year – Western Washington would be my limit, However during the summer we are open to anywhere in Washington, Idaho, or Oregon.

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