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Martinez, Rafael Damian

I’m an unworthy servant of God since coming to Him through his Son as drawn by His Spirit while living on the streets of Chicago in 1980 at the Pacific Garden Mission, that blessed ministry of rescue. I joined the Navy and afterwards, in 1983 during long needed discipleship after my honorable discharge, the Master called me to His ministry. I then moved to Tennessee to prepare for the calling and became a Lee College graduate in pastoral and Biblical studies with a Christian Educational double major in 1991. I then was formerly licensed as a Church of God (Cleveland) exhorter in 1992, cleverly disguised as a Maytag factory worker and Whirlpool call center drone when COVID ended that bivocational support earlier this year.

I’m now living in NW Indiana since 2012 as a committed husband, a caring grandparent, and a challenging prophet calling out cults and church abuse as they arise in my ministerial path He sets me toward. I have been involved in countercult and apologetic conferences since the late 1980’s and a member of the Evangelical Ministries to New Religions coalition. Until recently in July, I served as an associate pastor of prayer at the Crossroads Church of Sauk Village, Illinois and left on good terms due to various personal transitions and a desire to preach and teach more throughout the region. I am willing to travel throughout the Chicago Metro, Michiana and NW Indiana region. My wife Elizabeth always travels with me to minister alongside me and is a fervent and experienced minister’s wife who loves serving people as much as I do.

The last devotional word I shared in church before the COVID lockdown hit our area in March is linked below. I am thoroughly experienced in preaching, teaching, Biblical counseling and look forward to serving where God may call me in the Word by the Spirit to the Glory of God alone. As in all of my church ministry, I have no set amount for honorariums. A love offering as well as the covering of any travel expenses is highly appreciated and is what I trust the Lord to supply with. I long to share a message from God to feed any of His flock as He delivers it. I may speak for 10 minutes or an hour and 10 minutes, but I assure you that when the Spirit stops speaking, so will I.

That You May Watch And Pray – Prayer meeting Devotional
Last teaching shared in church before the COVID lockdown 3/15/2020

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