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Raker, Chris

Chris Raker is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. For almost 40 years he has been teaching and equipping Christians and church leaders to understand the Bible and apply it to their lives and their service in the church. As a retired church planter and pastor he is currently teaching at the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies in Lenox, MA (where he has taught courses on Romans, Worldview Apologetics, Ethics, and Old Testament Survey), directs the “A Night in the Light” events, serves on the steering committee of a pastors’ prayer fellowship, and coordinates seminars and events that are of benefit to evangelical churches.

Chris is known for his clear exposition of the Biblical text and relevant application. In addition to exegetical messages Chris enjoys teaching theologically and helping Christians to think Biblically.

Chris is available for preaching/teaching on Sundays in Western Massachusetts, western Connecticut, and southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Retreats or conferences at a greater distance are also welcome.

Honorarium and travel expenses are negotiable.

Feel free to contact for recommendations.

Samples of Chris’ teaching can be found on these church websites:

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