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Ricci, John “Jay”

Name: John “Jay” Ricci

Home church: Centro Familiar Cristiano (Christian Family Center)

Pastor: Pastor Jonathan Quiceno

Denomination: Non-denominational

Licensed/Ordained: Ordained a deacon in December 2013.

Statement of Faith/Theology: Conservative

Education/Experience: B.A., University of MA Boston. B.TH, Gulf Coast Bible Institute.  Sketch Board Training with Open Air Campaigners evangelism ministry. Health Minister Training, Hallelujah Acres/Hallelujah Diet

Preaching Topics: Anything in the Bible but usually I preach evangelistic sermons and revival/re-commitment type messages. I can also preach about false religions as well. And because of my health coach training, I can also equip Christians for healthy living. I am able to teach and preach using PowerPoint and/or object lessons as well.

Preaching Samples: (Bible sermons and healthy living articles). I also have many pictures of my open-air sketch board evangelism in various locations which I can send to you via email if you’d like.

Additional Notes: I am currently not married or courting/dating anyone.  I will preach in any setting/meeting as God leads as long as I’m not hindered in preaching the Good News. Because I currently work a full time secular job, I can only preach on the weekends and am mostly available in the northeast (NH, RI, CT, MA) for now. Although, with God all things are possible and something else could be arranged. I do not require an upfront fee but I will trust the Lord to supply my traveling expenses through the generosity of His people.

Brief Biography:

Though I was brought up in a semi-religious Catholic home, I did not know the Lord personally as my Saviour. The Lord saved me when I was 8yrs old and began attending a Bible believing church shortly thereafter. My dad died when I was about 5 or 6yrs old and that had an impact on my upbringing. As a teenager I drifted from my Lord Jesus and made some very bad decisions. But God never gave up on me and His mercy did not run out! By His grace I had a “prodigal son” experience and then surrender to be a preacher (around 2003). A couple of years later I began teaching and preaching the wonderful Word of God and have been doing so every since (although not in a full time capacity). While at that church I also filled the pulpits of other churches of like faith as needed. God has given me a burden to learn the Spanish language and God moved me to serve with a bilingual (Spanish/English) church and my pastor has made me the head of the evangelism department. I also head up activities with the youth and young adults as well. I have a salvation (and a subsequent surrender) testimony that most young people and adults can relate to which can encourage and equip them to surrender to God’s will!

Serving Christ is a privilege and is way more fun and meaningful than any drugs or partying I ever did in my sinful past!

If you have any further questions for me, please feel free to contact me! Lord bless you!

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