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Spickenagel, Mark


Name: Mark Spickenagel12512477_1352683561424312_3224373528937178521_n

Home church: Living Water Community Church

Pastor: Clark Cothern

Denomination: Non-denominational

Licensed/Ordained: In Progress

Statement of Faith/Theology: Baptist Faith and Message 2000

Education/Experience: Over 20 years biblical education, apologetics, theology, hermeneutics, public speech and lecturing.

Preaching Topics: Anything in the Bible, which is the unerring Word of God.  Various topics for various congregations so I am ready to meet a need when called.

Preaching Samples: Hammer and Trowel (blog)

About Me:  I should preface “About Him”!  God has been so good to me.  I have been actively involved in ministry for over 20 years.  In that time, I have run successful support ministries such as; 3+ drama ministries, and an operations ministry. My wife, children and I are active members of Living Water Community Church, and I am starting an internship program to be on the leadership team in 2017.  I have spoken on a few occasions and am currently seeking further speaking opportunities as God opens doors.  I am on track to be a regular speaker at Cherry St. Ministries in Toledo OH.  I am willing to go where God wants me, speak what He tells me, and love like He has commanded me!  I am also currently writing a book entitled, “Broken Bricks – How God uses flawed people to build His Kingdom!”

If you would like to talk to me about preaching, you may connect with me on Facebook or use the contact button below.


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