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Stolle, Ed

Ed Stolle

During this time of pandemic crisis and social distancing, I’d be glad to do something virtually for your youth and/or youth leader audience AT NO CHARGE as I do this for God’s glory alone.  Also, I’d be glad to come present in-person after the pandemic if my schedule and budget permits. I live in MD and am a youth leader at First Baptist Church of Crofton, MD.   I’ve seen my first presentation discussed below result in church pre-teens and teens coming to Christ during the presentation.  I even had one pre-teen standup and accept Christ in the middle of the presentation.  Another example, I spoke at Camp Launch a few years ago and two girls who were giving the camp staff the most trouble that week stayed up all night after the presentation talking with their counselor and accepted Christ.    If you would like my speaker bio and example slides, please let me know at  Descriptions for my two most popular sessions are below. FYI- I’ve spoke at River Valley Ranch Camp, Camp Launch, Colson Institute for Christian Worldview, numerous schools and churches, etc.   God has been using me to reach church kids for Christ and equip their faith for the past 15+ years and I am humbled that God is using me for this.  Be glad to provide pastoral references if requested.

 Session 1: Evidence the Bible is True Target audience: Middle and High Schoolers

 Objective: To: 1) Help Youth Develop a Solid and Defensible Faith by Showing Them That Faith in Christ and His Word is Based on Tangible and Provable Evidence, and Rational Thought and Reason and 2) Prepare Youth for the Testing of Their Faith Especially After High School in College and the Workforce.

Description: The session covers significant archeological discoveries that support the Bible (e.g. walls of Jericho), “secular” historians that validate biblical events (e.g. Josephus), fulfilled biblical prophecies, biblical manuscript evidence, eyewitness testimony, “unflattering” testimony of individuals in the Bible (e.g. Peter denying Jesus), and a few other areas. The presentation is interactive, visual, and fun for those attending and it is geared to youth. It is not just a presentation but also a discussion. Our church youth’s faith will be tested with targeted, deceptive, and aggressive tactics after high school and our job is to get them ready for it.

 Session 2: Why Youth Leave the Church After High School and How to Counteract It Target Audience: Church Leadership, Youth Ministry Workers, and Parents

 Objective: To Help church leadership, youth ministry workers, and parents understand and be equipped to combat the mass exodus of youth from the church after High School.

 Description: The session discusses 1) the current crisis of youth leaving the church and reasons why they are leaving, 2) counteracting the increasing anti-Christian bias that youth face at many universities and when joining the workforce, 3) examples of apologetics teaching as one way to help youth develop an unshakable foundation in their Christian faith, 4) efforts to engage the local community on this topic, and 5) lessons learned in the process. Current research has identified that 70% of youth leave the church after high school and that only 4% of youth in the US have a biblical worldview. Let’s equip our church youth and do what we can to help them come to Christ TOGETHER! 

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