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5 Questions on Preaching with Casey Fine

Learn more about Casey at his Pulpit Supply Preachers’ profile.

Q1: How long does it typically take you to prepare a sermon?

A: Passage based =10 to 15 hours ; Topical = 20 to 30 hours

Q2: What do you ultimately want a sermon to accomplish?

A:  to help as many individuals in the audience as possible take steps closer to GOD

Q3: What are one or two big mistakes people often make in preaching?

A: Not understanding the audience & not understanding one’s own natural communication style

Q4: How do you handle the gospel invitation and preach toward it?

A: I follow the natural direction of the Scripture & work to reveal how it applies to the lives of the audience & how they should respond

Q5: What advice would you give to preachers doing pulpit supply?

A:  Study oneself to ascertain the most natural delivery style. Inquire about the audience in order to tweek the messageto best reach them