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Pulpit Supply Preachers (hereafter referred to as “PSP”) makes the following disclaimer.

PSP is a ministry that exists to connect churches or ministries with preachers. PSP is not an agent, or representative, of a church, a ministry, or a preacher. PSP bears no responsibility to negotiate any type of expenses such as honorariums, travel fees, etc. The relationship between churches, ministries, and preachers is the responsibility of each party not PSP. PSP has no contractual obligations with either churches, ministries, or preachers. As to the character of each preacher registered and listed, PSP relies on the integrity of each preacher that they have the support of their current pastor(s) and/or church to preach. Each preacher is strongly encouraged to send their bio to their pastor(s). PSP reserves the right to delist any preacher and/or delete their profile without reason or warning. The final interpretation and application of PSP position statements, such as the disclaimer and statement of faith, lies with PSP and its owner or anyone appointed by the owner.