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5 Questions on Preaching with Wayne Bledsoe

Learn more about Wayne at his Pulpit Supply Preachers’ profile.

Q1: How long does it typically take you to prepare a sermon?

A:  For each point I try to make in a message, I plan on about an hour for each in preparation alone.  (3 points=3 hours).  This doesn’t include the amount of prayer and seeking I do before and after each preparation.

Q2: What do you ultimately want a sermon to accomplish?

A: I simply want to be the mouthpiece for what God is trying to say.  Ultimately, it’s to assist the Holy Spirit in convicting a hearer to wither accept His salvation, or apply the principles within the message toward a more Christlike life.

Q3: What are one or two big mistakes people often make in preaching?

A:  I think the biggest mistake is that we as preachers tend to give “Life Lessons” rather than “Biblical, Expository Preaching”.  We do the shall and shall-nots really well, but we don’t teach and reach people with the application and acceptance of Christ-like living.  Instead of telling people how they should live, we should show people how they should live through His Word.

Q4: How do you handle the gospel invitation and preach toward it?

A: The invitation is always there.  I hear a lot of preachers say, “The altar is open”.  When was it ever closed?  It doesn’t matter to me when a sinner responds to the call, as long as they do.  I think the preaching of God’s Word should be such that an announcement for invitation shouldn’t be announced, it should be implied.

Q5: What advice would you give to preachers doing pulpit supply?

A:  BE PATIENT.  Wait upon God.  Church processes are just that – processes.  Don’t take your non-ringing phone as a personal insult; God just might be preparing you to wait upon His timing.  Love all the people you preach to, just as God did.  That includes everyone.