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Get your preacher profile listed free for pulpit supply – here’s how!

  1. *First, you must be able to affirm the statement of faith and affirmations. If you affirm, then:
    1. Click the Register Now button below.
    2. Create a username and password.
  2. Log in with your new username and password (they will be emailed to you).
  3. **Create your bio by selecting “Posts” then “Add New” from the menu on the left.
    • Important: You are creating your bio as a blog post. Do not fill out the “Biographical Info” under your username as that will not create a preacher profile – no one will see it.
  4. Title your bio/post using your last name, first name (e.g. Jones, Mark) separated with a comma.
  5. Only select your state and up to two additional states from the categories on the right.
  6. ***You may use this suggested template for your profile.
    • Include a brief bio from a few sentences to a few short paragraphs.
    • You may upload an image of yourself (max size is limited to 300px x 300px).
    • Use the “featured image” option if you want your photo to show up on category pages.
    • Feel free to include a link to sermon samples, social media, contact information, denomination, etc.
    • Add any monetary expectations such as honorarium, travel fees, meals, etc.
    • Explain if you are willing to travel and how far.
    • Including contact information is not necessary. Interested parties may contact you with the email you registered with through the “Contact this Preacher”  button that is visible once your profile is published.
  7. Submit your profile in pending mode for approval. (Profiles left in draft mode are assumed unfinished and will be left alone.)
  8. That’s it!

*Note: By registering you attest that you agree with the statement of faith and affirmations, have support from your pastor(s) to offer pulpit supply preaching, and are a member in good standing with a local church. You are strongly encouraged to send your preacher bio to your pastor(s) once it is public. Please read our disclaimer.

**There has been some confusion when creating a preacher profile. Do not fill out the “Biographical Info” within the user profile you registered as this information is not public. Instead, follow the steps above beginning in point 2.

***Please do not upload audio or video files as there is not adequate web space. Instead, use a free service like YouTube or any of the sermon hosting sites like Sermoncast, SermonAudio, Sermon Cloud, The Sermon Network, etc.

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