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Privilege of Preaching

The history of preaching leaves an undeniable body of evidence that God uses men who are committed to the Word, to holiness, and to the power of preaching. God anoints such men and speaks through them to save the lost and to edify and rally the saints. To this end we should master every available means to improve our knowledge of the Word, our ability to craft biblical sermons, and our skill at connecting with […]

Traditional Sermon Models

Traditionally, sermons have been categorized according to various forms based upon certain qualities. Delineations of these forms frequently have included the expository sermon as another sermon model. Each of the following forms, however, could and should be subjected to the expositional process. Topical. The topical sermon is built around some particular subject. The idea for the subject may be taken from the Bible or elsewhere. Usually the preacher gathers what the Bible teaches about one […]

What Makes Sermons Practical?

Sermons are not about just imparting information. They should be custom-built to change lives. We don’t want to fill their heads; we want the proclamation of the Word to grip their souls and motivate them to conform to the will of God. Our approach to the Bible and to preaching, therefore, has application as its ultimate goal. Application is what makes┬áthe Bible come alive and makes sermons practical. –┬áPreaching with Bold Assurance by Bert Decker […]