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Hart Jr, Joseph

I am an ordained CBAmerica (Conserv. Bapt.) minister who has been pastoring now for 45 years.  I was born and raised in Lynbrook, LI NY and received my first pastoral staff ministry opportunity in 1973 as the Youth Pastor at Lynbrook Baptist Church.  From there I went on to pastor in Mundelein Illinois and then Denver CO, first as a Youth Pastor and eventually as Associate Pastor.  I am a graduate of Denver Seminary with an MDIV degree.  Upon leaving Denver, I pastored again on Long Island then in Bensalem PA and also in Newton NJ, encompassing 20 years of service as a full-time Senior Pastor.  Since that time, I have also served in various churches in North Carolina and now again in NJ doing pulpit supply, as well as officiating weddings and funerals.  I am married to Laura, my wife of 42 years, have 2 adult sons, Matthew and Jonathan, a daughter-in-law Maegen and one grandson, Connor.


I enjoy sharing the Word of God with the people of God through biblical expository preaching that seeks to communicate timeless biblical truths & principles which then is focused upon practical application of those same truths & principles within the daily life and life situations of the hearers.  Listeners are then, depending upon the particular scriptural passage being examined, exhorted to asking God to bring real life change where it is needed, encouraged either to grow in their spiritual lives or, if needed, to be lifted in their spirits by the love of God.


I further enjoy interacting with God’s people and, where applicable, also seek to utilize a prudent sense of humor.  I believe that God wants us to enjoy Him and also desires that we seek to enjoy one another as believers in Jesus Christ, something that I believe that we most definitely will be doing when we are together in heaven with one another for all eternity.