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Huff, Timothy

Happy Sunday!

I am seeking to fill the pulpit for churches which are in need or churches which desire a speaker for short intervals.

My purpose in filling the pulpit is to introduce persons to Jesus the Christ and to encourage His body. I believe these are two of the main reasons to speak the good news. To allow the Holy Spirit to speak through me is the ultimate accomplishment in speaking and in life itself. I strive to present the gospel simply and honestly.

In Sunday school , I have taught the entire books of Genesis, Ruth, 1 Samuel, Esther, Job, Jonah, Malachi, Acts, 1 John, and Revelation. Of course, I have also taught many lessons from the other books of the Bible.

I am willing to speak on any Scripture or subject.  I will be available for short or long term service.

I have traveled to Brazil, India and Mexico on mission trips. And, I have also traveled with youth choirs over several summers making journeys to Austin, Texas to sing and work in a soup kitchen.

I have bachelor of science degrees in education and mass communication.

My home church is Canyon Road Baptist Church located in southwest Tulsa. The pastor at my home church is Mike Peter.

Thank you for your reading and attention. In His name.