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Martin, Wesley

Name: Rev. Wesley Dean Martin

Home church: Member—Hills and Plains Presbytery (PCA), normally attend City Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City

Denomination: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Licensed/Ordained: Ordained

Statement of Faith/Theology: Bible believing, evangelical, theologically conservative, Reformed, Westminster Standards, happy to serve any evangelical, Bible-believing church, have often served in Salvation Army pulpits and Baptist pulpits with no issues, See "Ministry Data Form" (MDF) at for more specific theological views

Education/Experience: Master of Divinity, cum laude, Covenant Theological Seminary '15; Ordained 2015, 8+ years of experience, see RESUME/CV at

Preaching Topics: expository preaching, pulpit supply, topical preaching, evangelism, apologetics, anything really

Preaching Samples:

Additional Notes: Willing to travel anywhere in Oklahoma. For more information see

Brief Biography: Wesley Dean Martin grew up on a small farm outside Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Wes was completely unchurched and thought he knew everything, and so was an angry atheist by 18. Wes went to the University of Oklahoma where he received a Bachelors and Masters of Music; but, more importantly, after a story that involves playing trumpet on cruise ships, C.S. Lewis, multiple hernias, and RUF (Reformed University Fellowship, a college ministry of the PCA) Summer Conference, Wes met Jesus and became a Christian through OURUF when he was 21. Wes also met Kaitlin through OURUF, and after a very rocky start (and a story worth telling), they married in May 2010. Wes and Kaitlin have five kids: Abigail (August 2011), Jerram (February 2013), Ezri (Halloween 2014), and twins Lorelai and Killian (April 2016).
While in seminary, Wes worked for the #1 DJ company in St. Louis, Rockstar DJs, while still playing trumpet and serving as the chaplain of the Tower Grove Manor retirement community. Wes graduated cum laude in May of 2015 and is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), having served as the RUF Campus Minister at the University of Utah and as a solo pastor in Canada. Wes is currently called as an evangelist in the Hills and Plains Presbytery (PCA) and serves as the chaplain of the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma City, where he works with those in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, teaching and counseling. Wes is also involved with City Presbyterian Church (City Pres) of Oklahoma City, as well as serving other churches in Oklahoma. 
Wes loves playing complex board games (Eurogames), watching good characters, reading, and playing trumpet whenever possible.