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Ajiri, Emmanuel

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently a student in my last quarter at Fuller Theological Seminary in pursuit of my Master’s of Divinity. I have one quarter to go before I will be officially done and I am looking for opportunities to share the messages that God has placed upon my heart. ¬†Even though I began my formal training in the ministry 3 years ago, I have been very diligent in the study of God’s Word for many years prior to that. In the past 5-6 years, I have committed myself to not going a single day without spending time in the Bible and currently I commit myself to at least one hour of study per day. I am extremely passionate about the central message of God’s Word ¬†– the Gospel. I am not an expert in relationship advice or balancing budgets, but I do have an expert commitment to the Gospel and all the glorious principles that underlie its mystery. I have been raised in the Assemblies of God and Baptist denominations and I currently serve in an Assemblies of God church in Sugar Land, Texas as the Youth Director. Prior to serving in this church, I served as a preacher/teacher in a small, storefront church in Houston called Only Jesus Can Set You Free. As stated already, I was raised in the Church, but I did not truly come into a true and authentic until I was 14 year-old. The best way that I could describe my experience would be to say that a “light went off in my head.” What was once a very dreary and uninspiring world became extremely vibrant to me. It was then that I became a very avid student of the Word of God. I have certainly stumbled in my journey since then, but the Lord has been beyond gracious towards me in returning me to His fold and empowering me to do the impossible work of preaching.

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