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DeRuvo, Fred

Name: Fred DeRuvo Home church: Bible Baptist Church, Hampton, GA (Pastor Loren Regier) Denomination: Independent Baptist Statement of Faith/Theology: Statement of beliefs can be read at Fred’s blog page at StudyGrowKnowBlog. Education/Experience: Bachelor of Bible degree (Philadelphia College of Bible), Masters in Biblical Studies (Tyndale), and Doctorate of Theology (Northwestern). Fred has been involved various forms of ministry over the years, as a youth director/assistant pastor, and also worked at Youth for Christ. Teaching adult Sunday school classes […]

Breytenbach, Andrew

I am a seminary student pursuing my M.Div. in Advanced Biblical Studies. I am passionate about preaching and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ! Here are some of my sermons: Sermon on Ephesians 1:11-14 Sermon on Romans 15:4: Sermon on Hosea 7:1-16: Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Preaching Inquiry Your Message 12+2=?

Castleberry, Robert (Stormy)

I have a passion now to go beyond our community and spread God’s word to churches that might have a need for a supply preacher on a short time basis or just to hear a different voice proclaiming the word of God. I have been in very deep Bible study since 2017 and have felt a calling to share God’s Word with others. I feel that we are never too old to do the Lord’s […]

Rehkemper, Robert

Rob Rehkemper

Name: Rob Rehkemper Home church: Montague Baptist Church 12186 Millbank Rd, King George, VA 22485 Pastor: Dennis Peacock Denomination: Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist Licensed/Ordained: Licensed\Ordained Statement of Faith/Theology: Affirm Baptist Faith and Message 2000 Education/Experience: Master in Biblical Studies from Northwest Baptist Seminary Tacoma, Washington Preaching Topics: Expository Preaching of the entire word of God, developing and applying as the Holy Spirit guides. Preaching Samples:Sunday School lessons currently is all that is recorded Additional Notes: […]

Montoya, David

EX-MORMON SAVED BY JESUS CHRIST David Montoya was born and raised a Mormon. He served as a missionary for the Mormon Church for two years (’04 – ’06) in Brazil. Upon returning from his mission, he began to critically analyze Mormonism’s truth claims and concluded that what he believed all of his life was one big lie. He became disenchanted with religion and entered a time of wickedness. However, by the grace of God through […]

Muck, William

Name: William (Bill) Muck Home church: Currently searching for a Bible believing church in the Northern Idaho or Eastern Washington area. Pastor: Served as Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Reno, NV for nearly 10 years. Denomination: Baptist or non-denominational Licensed/Ordained: 2013 Statement of Faith/Theology: View of GOD. • God is holy, just, and righteous • We must seek to express His communicable attributes View of SCRIPTURE. • Inspiration – The Holy Bible is […]

Day, Cody

Would be so happy to discuss any of this with you! Give me a call or send me an email I will answer any questions you may have! Name: Cody Day Home church: New Victory Church Pastor: Tyler Dalton Denomination: Baptist Licensed/Ordained: Licensed to the ministry on February 12, 2017 Statement of Faith/Theology: Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Conservative theologically, Andersonville Theological Survey Education/Experience: Andersonville Theological Seminary, Industrial Operations Degree, Minor In Philosophically from ETSU Preaching Topics: I will promise to […]

Sinclair, Gary

SPEAKING BACKGROUND/STYLE: An experienced, practical, memorable preacher/teacher who shares Biblical truths in ways that help the church, conference or workshop audience become doers, not just hearers. Utilizes illustrations, stories and real-life examples to bring the powerful, never-changing truths of Scripture into one’s everyday world. People leave sensing they’ve heard from God and have something tangible to think, do and feel that week. EXPERIENCE: Current: Pastor coach/consultant/author/speaker. Former: workplace chaplain, senior pastor, associate pastor, Christian school […]

Allen, Caleb

I have served as Associate Pastor at The Journey in Houston, TX for the past 3 years, with my wonderful wife, Steffanie, and our 5 kids, Jackson & Ashton (twin 7 year olds), Ezekiel (5), Arrow (2) and Oaklyn (5 mos). God has called our family to plant a church and we are currently pursuing a church planting residency. In the meantime, we would love to come minister at your church. I am a passionate, […]

Martinez, Rafael Damian

I’m an unworthy servant of God since coming to Him through his Son as drawn by His Spirit while living on the streets of Chicago in 1980 at the Pacific Garden Mission, that blessed ministry of rescue. I joined the Navy and afterwards, in 1983 during long needed discipleship after my honorable discharge, the Master called me to His ministry. I then moved to Tennessee to prepare for the calling and became a Lee College […]

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