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Bemenderfer, Mark

For more than 30 years, I have been learning and leading in evangelism and discipleship. I believe that personal discipleship (in both the Word of God and outward-oriented ministry) is the key to the kind of spiritual maturity Paul writes about in Ephesians 4:11-16. I committed my life to Christ in a Navigator ministry in 1988, where I was personally discipled in evangelism and Bible intake methods.

From 1994, I served in and around China, sharing the Gospel publicly and privately, in small groups and with individuals, inviting hearers to make decisions for Christ. The last four years in China, I enjoyed the privilege of preaching 1-2 times each month in rotation at an international church, where my family and I also ran the “newcomer” evangelism and discipleship classes. With the closing of China due to COVID-19, we have returned to the US and would love to bring our gifts to serve your fellowship.


I am committed to expository preaching, staying as close to the text as possible, using other Scriptures to explain the meaning as best I can in the allotted time. My goal is to make plain what God desires for His people today, in terms of belief, life and godliness.

I come from a Christian & Missionary Alliance and conservative baptist background. My theology is rooted in more than thirty years of daily Bible reading, reading through the Bible annually, and applying it to my own life each day. I prefer to preach in series, through a book in order to develop more complex teachings or themes.

You can find my statement of faith here, my philosophy of ministry here, and samples of my messages here. Feel free to look around my family website to learn more about us and what we teach.


I am happy to travel throughout the state of Iowa and even into nearby states. I only ask for the covering of any expenses (gas, food and lodging, if necessary). I do not require an additional honorarium, but of course it is welcome.

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