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Roiz, Jonathan

Name: Jonathan Roiz

Home Church: Andover Baptist Church

Pastor: Neil Jackson

Statement of Faith/Theology:


Masters of Arts in Theological Studies – Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

Founder of the Hope Movement Theological Seminary

Bilingual in English and Spanish

Biblical Greek

Author of five published books

Former Deacon at Faith Fellowship Church

Pulpit Supply for Faith Fellowship Church

Associate Pastor at Sonshine Fellowship Church

Pastor of Iglesia Luz de Cristo

Pastor of Iglesia El Camino

Founder of The Hope Movement

Pastoral Training Worldwide

Evangelism/ Missions/ Open-Air Preaching

Abolish Abortion Ministry

Preaching Style: Expository Preaching (Verse by Verse). When needed, topical.


Jonathan is the husband to Paula and the father of Elizabeth, Jeronimo, and Samantha. He is the Founder and President of The Hope Movement, a 501 (c)(3) worldwide Christian ministry that proclaims the gospel and provides Christ-like care to those in need. Jonathan has studied systematic/historical theology and has a Master of Arts from Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. He was privileged to pastor at Sonshine Fellowship Church, Iglesia El Camino, and Iglesia Luz de Cristo in Baltimore, Maryland. He is passionate about preaching faithfully expositorily the Word of God to edify the body of Christ and draw lost souls to Christ, all for the glory of God alone. More importantly, he is saved not by his own merits or worthiness but by the awesome unexplainable grace of God.


I reside in Baltimore with my wife Paula who is from Medellin, Colombia, and three children, Elizabeth (15), Jeronimo (11), and Samantha (3). I am a member of Faith Fellowship Church in Perry Hall and assist in the preaching team and evangelism/ world missions. I have written over 300 songs, sing, and play several instruments. In addition, I am a student in my final year at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary under Dr. Sam Waldron. I am also the founder of the Christian non-profit The Hope Movement, which cares for orphans, plants churches and has a Bible school in Kenya, has missionaries in Asia, feeding centers in Latin America, conducts outreach in Baltimore City, evangelism at abortion mills, provide church theological workshops, worldwide evangelism, provide free online seminary in Spanish and English, publish books and evangelistic resources and online theology instruction. God has allowed me to preach around the world, and over the years, I have been blessed to preach in Spanish in many places throughout Latin America. I have several books that I have written and published in English and Spanish. To tell you a little about me with a few words, I would simply say that I saved not by my own merits or worthiness but by the awesome unexplainable grace of God. Soli Deo Gloria!


I had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home. From a young age, I loved going to church and being involved with church activities. I was baptized when I was eight years old. Throughout my childhood, I was involved in ministry activities such as puppet ministry, and children’s and youth ministry, and traveled on missionary trips to Mexico and Guatemala. As I grew older and began to study theology and soon realized my profession of faith as a child was not authentic. I thought the prayer I uttered at an altar call saved me, however, there was little spiritual fruit in my life. By the power of God, He used the study of theology to change my heart from stone to flesh, giving me the gift of faith, leading me to repentance and a transformed life of obedience. After this moment of conversion, my life changed, the way I led my family changed, and my work with ministry became Christ-centered and God-glorifying. I hunger to know God as He knows me, and I have developed a deep love for His Word and His church.

Later I enrolled in Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, where my faith and knowledge of God’s word grew dramatically. My relationship with God matured, I became involved in preaching and teaching, and the Lord continued to confirm that His plan for my life was to be a preacher and to pastor. My greatest privilege and joy have been sharing the grace of God with others and seeing lives drawn to Him and changed.



His Story: Finding Christ in the Old Testament

There is an attempt to redefine who Jesus is, to redefine Christianity. For many, we perceive the Old Testament with boredom, fear, and contempt. We find it to be violent, cold, and unrelatable. Jonathan Roiz takes you on an easy-to-understand journey throughout the Old Testament to reveal how the Word of God is not two separate books but one book with one theme, Jesus Christ. Christ is the Creator of all things, Jesus is the sustainer of all things, and in Revelation, Jesus is the restoration of all things. When Jesus said that He is in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms or the Writings, He was saying the entire Old Testament was about Him. Jesus Christ is the focus of the story; redemptive history is His story.

Omnipresent God

There are many attributes of God, and many books have been written to attempt to describe them so that we can comprehend the depth of His infinite, majestic grandeur. Many can name His attributes, they can describe His love, His grace, and they know the Omni’s. They can say He is omniscient, knowing all things, He is omnipotent, He is all-powerful, and one of the most well-known is His omnipresence, He is everywhere. However, we often forget or belittle His omnipresence. It’s an attribute we know, but do we truly believe it? If we fully understood His omnipresence would we live differently?

From Babel To A More Excellent Way:

Discovering the beauty of the Gift of Tongues through redemptive history

The gift of tongues is a topic of debate and curiosity, celebration, and ridicule. Jonathan Roiz takes us on a journey through redemptive history to discover the beauty of the gift of tongues. In a quest to biblically understand the gift of tongues, Jonathan starts from the beginning of creation, the fall of man, the division of languages at Babel, exploring God’s extraordinary will to redeem His people scattered throughout the earth. He examines the baptism with the Holy Spirit, four cases of outpourings in the Book of Acts, and explains verse by verse God’s directive for the gift of tongues. Through this journey, you will have a clear understanding and appreciation for the gift of tongues that God bestowed upon the church for a specific purpose in redemptive history. In the end, Christ empowers His church by the Holy Spirit to pursue and follow a more excellent way as He leads His people to the final day when Christ comes to gather His bride. There we will witness the fruit of the gift of tongues in the light of heavens glow when we gather with Christ’s redeemed from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages (Revelation 7:9-15) in the new heavens and new earth for eternity crying out to our Savior and God Holy, Holy, Holy.

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