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Alldredge, B. Josiah

I was raised in the faith by faithful parents as a member at Forest Lake Bible Church (SBC) in Niceville, FL. I have been joyfully married for 7 years to Julie Rae, with whom I have 3 wonderful children. We are now members of Trinity Presbyterian Church (CREC) in Valparaiso, FL, my wife’s church from her teens.

I am a chaplain at Okaloosa County Jail, commissioned by my church in that capacity to minister to the inmates and staff. I love connecting the local church to the needs of inmates and their families. I preach and teach weekly in the jail and at a local retirement home, and regularly fill pulpits as needed, both local and outside the state.

Preaching God’s Word is my joy and privilege, and I love to preach anywhere people want to hear God’s Word as long as I am not otherwise engaged that weekend. For local preaching, I generally don’t need a lot of heads-up, as I am often already preaching that week. For further away, I need time to make arrangements.

I generally preach either expositionally through books of the Bible or from the LCMS lectionary. Whether I am preaching off of a lectionary text that week or not, I often preach using the lectionary’s style, showing the harmony of God’s Word in the primary text with supplementary texts throughout the Bible, usually with selections from a Psalm, the OT, Gospel, and an Epistle.

Sample sermons are available from FLBC or TPC’s website, and I can probably find other samples from other churches I have done pulpit supply for, if needed.

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