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Anderson, Jay

Home Church: Cypress Community Church, Pastor Justin Moore

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Ordained through Cleburne Bible Church in 1997

Statement of Faith: In addition to being in agreement with the Pulpit Supply statement of faith, I have substantial agreement with that of the Gospel Coalition (

See below for some more info.

Education: Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, 1997, Dallas Theological Seminary


Youth Minister:

  • Simonton Community Church (Simonton, TX), 1992 to 1994
  • Cleburne Bible Church (Cleburne, TX), 1994 to 1997
  • Davisville Baptist Church (Southampton, PA), 1997 to 2000
  • Sugar Land Bible Church (Sugar Land, TX), 2000 to 2005

Preaching Pastor:

  • Hempstead Bible Fellowship (Hempstead, TX), 2005 to 2012

Additional Preaching:

  • Veritas Church (Tomball, TX), 2013 to 2016
  • Cypress Community Church (Cypress, TX), 2017


Preaching Topics: You name it, mostly  🙂


Preaching Samples:

Necessity of Prayer for Evangelism:

Moses, the Epic Unbeliever:


Additional Notes:

(1) Although I attended Dallas Seminary and loved it, there are some areas where I’m atypical for a Dallas Seminary grad:

— My view on youth ministry has changed, such that I don’t intend to get back into that vocation, unless it’s as a Family Pastor, or something that’s specifically focused on empowering parents, or focused on outreach to lost youth.

— I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a dispensationalist, even though I hold to natural interpretation of the Scriptures (or “normal interpretation”), a distinction between Israel and the church, and of course the existence of dispensations.

— I’m not much of a cessationist, believing that the arguments for cessation are more from experience than from Scripture.

— I don’t espouse any particular view of eschatology.

(2) My preaching style has evolved over the years. I feel I’m better now in presenting a sermon that’s helpful, informative, and highly listenable. Still conservative in beliefs, while perhaps reaching audiences on a more popular level.

(3) Family issues are extremely important to me. I cherish and adore my wife of 25 years, as well as the ten kids we have together, ranging in age from 3 to 24, the oldest being married.

(4) I believe the most biblical approach for church leadership is a plurality of elders, and “the pastor” is but one of the elders. Truly each elder is a shepherd of the church.


Biography: I met the Lord in 1989 on my 21st birthday, after a somewhat tumultuous first few years in college. My parents have for a long time identified as Baptist, and I definitely consider them to be saved. I was slow to catch on, but the Lord persisted in reaching me and setting me apart for his purposes. When I first realized his love and imminence, I was incredibly excited to share with others, and I still am today. I started in youth ministry in 1992, the same year I was married to my current wife. In 2005 I transitioned out of youth ministry, desiring something better for the youth. If there are Christian parents in the home, they need to be the primary shepherds for their own children. So I moved into pastoring and preaching in 2005, seeing God’s hand in moving me to Hempstead Bible Fellowship. I cherish my time in that church, and I maintain relationships with the people there. Sometime around 2011, I decided I would like to “make my own money” and I was then ready to move out of full-time church work, which transition happened late in 2012. I’ve worked since then as a real estate agent, which I started doing part-time in 2009. Although I’ve been fairly successful in real estate, and I plan to continue working in that field, I’m also ready to serve in an official capacity in a local church if called upon to meet a need. I love the Lord, I trust his word, and I’m a shepherd at heart. I know I have something to offer God’s church, again as the needs present themselves.

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