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Bradford, Jase

Jase Bradford


Home church: Canadian Valley Baptist Church

Pastor: Cameron Whaley

Denomination: Southern Baptist

Licensed/Ordained: Licensed in 2016

Statement of Faith/Theology: Baptist Faith and Message 2000

Education/Experience: 6 hours away from completing an MDiv. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary / I have preached over 30 times in the pulpit, have taught Sunday School, led various ministries, and have served on staff part-time as a recreation coordinator at a church.

Preaching Topics: Preaching expository sermons from the Scripture. 

Preaching Samples:,,

Additional Notes: I am willing to travel within a 2-3 hour radius of Oklahoma City, OK. 

Brief Biography: I was not raised in church, but Christ drew me to Himself in my late 20’s.  Much like anyone else, it has been hills and valleys but my lowest valley with Him is greater than my highest hill without Him.  He has given me a great gift in my wife, and has allowed me to steward two of His creations with a third one on the way. 

If you would like to contact me about preaching, please email me at and 

Bless God,

Jase Bradford 

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