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Cobb, Arden

Summary: I’m 25 years old, love the process of studying and sharing what I’ve learned about the bible in a relatable, rigorous way and a perpetual lover of all things nerdy. I look forward to meeting people, hearing their stories and sharing my own. I only need 12 hours notice for churches in the Los Angeles area and 24 for the rest of California or Arizona.

Home Church: Sanctuary Covenant Prescott


Pastor: Jesse Burke

Denomination: I’m most comfortable in the “low church” traditions such as the various strains of Baptists, but have had great experiences within the Presbyterian tradition.

Statement of FaithAvailable Here. What this document does not cover is that I consider myself an inerrantist and moderately reformed.

Education and Experience: I received my BAs in Philosophy and Religion from Arizona State in 2014, and I’m currently attending Talbot School of Theology for MAs in Philosophy and Christian Leadership (with an Emphasis in preaching). My goals include obtaining a Th. M. and a PhD. Right now, I’m a graduate student who really desires to ground himself in the local church in order to keep a grip on “ordinary life.” I just finished my most recent ministry internship with my primary mentor in August, which only lasted the summer. In total, I’ve occupied around two years of official ministry positions where I’ve preached, mentored young men and organized church events.

Preaching Topics: I love me some rigorous exegesis, topical study or straightforward exposition laced with personal vulnerability and relatable stories.

Compensation: I’ll take what you can offer, but I’m much more interested in gaining experience and obtaining samples of my preaching.



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