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Evangelist and Former Professional Boxer Tyson Cobb is native to Amarillo, Texas. He became a Christ follower on April 13th 1997, at 21 years of age. He knew shortly after he accepted Christ that one day he would be called into full time ministry. He currently resides in Oklahoma City with his beautiful wife of 21 years, Keri. They have 3 children, Shay 24, Seth 16, and Parker 11.

Tyson was not raised in a Christian home, in fact there was no talk about God or religion as he grew up. He knew from a very early age there was more to life than what our senses offered. He began looking for answers to our eternal existence and ultimately the purpose of life. He studied every major religion and several pagan religions in the search for truth. He looked through historical evidence, ancient writings and archaeology. Tyson always kept coming back to the Bible. Keri, his future wife answered many questions about her faith and was instrumental in leading him to the Lord. He continued his research knowing the calling on his life and the path laid out for him as a believer would provide an opportunity to share his journey with others as a tool to witness to followers of other religions and those just looking for the truth. Tyson has a unique testimony as a former professional athlete and a follower of Christ.

After 21 years of surrendering his life to the Lord he fervently pursues opportunities to speak and share the Gospel! Tyson is willing to travel anywhere in the world and speak before any group or denomination to proclaim the goodness and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Tyson and Keri’s #1 passion is seeing people commit their lives to Jesus and live in victory! preacher

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