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Colborn, Mark

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ!

My name is R. Mark Colborn (folks always called me by my middle name), and I am a passionate believer in Jesus as the Son of God and only Savior of our souls, the Lordship of Christ as the center of our Christian commitment, and the Bible as our authoritative guide AND the power to get it all done. I believe our job as Christians is to be His servants in ways that go beyond lip service or our traditions, which means having Him lead by what He said, rather than whatever we may come up with. I am all about a profound focus on the Bible as directing us what Christians, family and churches are called to be, with free and gracious spirits, and with much less attention to the importance of traditions than Christians are often tempted to do. I take the holiness of God very seriously, and so I take His call to repent honestly and continuously and earnestly, and believe that the value of our worship depends entirely on its congruence with our commitment and lives. I am firmly committed to Jesus’ call to us actually to practice discipleship as person to person apprenticeship in following Jesus through life.

My credentials include BTh (Bachelor of Theology, regional accreditation with ABS and ATS). MDiv (Master of Divinity, regional accreditation with ABS and ATS), and PhD (regionally accredited university in psychology — helpful for pastoral counseling). I have been preaching over 20 years, the fire has never died and I love to share it and encourage it, and have also been both a Bible college professor for three years and an inner city missionary for two years. I use the biblical languages in my research, have extensive background in NT Greek and less in OT Hebrew. My sermons tend to be energetic, applied to modern life, and drawn directly from the text of scriptures. I also love to work with Christians in the walk of following our Great God, and love to meet those spirits who are truly committed to that.

I live in Glen Burnie, MD with my beautiful wife and my last child who is still at home. I have grown children with children of their own that I’m VERY proud of. All of them are believers and share God with their children at home.
I am wiling to travel up to two hours to preach for a congregation, but would request an honorarium of at least $200 to provide for my family and travel expense.

Please feel free to email me and ask any questions. I look forward to meeting you and sharing the precious, powerful Word of God with you face to face!

Psalm 20
Mark Colborn, MDiv, PhD

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