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Cunningham, Kevin

If you need an experienced pastor to strengthen and encourage your group or church through clear, expository Bible messages, we should talk.  Based in Nashua, NH, I serve the Greater Boston and New Hampshire areas as Pulpit Supply, Christian Author and Conference Speaker, and Interim Pastor,

Pulpit Supply / Speaker

I have been actively serving God for the past 30 years in a variety of settings.  Serving God has included Christian radio, church-planting in Milan, Italy and local pastoral ministry in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Indiana.  Rock and roll was my life! I was a disc jockey on radio and in nightclubs. I used to entertain people for a night; now I can impact people for eternity.


By God’s grace, I am the author of Time with God: Develop Confidence & Consistency In Your Personal Prayer Life, is available in both Kindle and paperback.

Time with God is written for people who love God and long to spend time with him but need help.

I have found three resources, or methods, immensely helpful in developing confidence and consistency in my own prayer life. In this book, I weave all three of those methods together for a powerful combination.

At the heart of Time with God, is a desire to help develop the habit of communicating with God in practical and powerful ways. Practical, because I balance four different aspects of prayer. Powerful, because I use God’s Word as the basis for many of our prayers.

This book is filled with Scripture verses translated from the original languages that have been reworded into prayers. They are chosen to help us nurture and develop our focus on God and our love for him. As you get more comfortable with the concept, it will revolutionize the way you read the Bible on your own.


I love to help people get connected with God and with His people. That includes three aspects.

  1. I seek to help people focus on God. If we can get their attention on God, they will be more open to His work in their life.
  2. I live to help people understand God’s Word.
  3. I also feel that believers grow best in community with other believers who are actively seeking to love God and love their neighbor. To be sure, we need to have time alone with God, but God often uses other people in our lives to help us grow. Therefore, when I see new people in a church, I try to help them get connected with new friends as soon as possible in mutually supportive relationships.

Major Focus

A major theme, that undergirds most of my preaching, is how we are called to love God and to love people. It sounds so simple, but it is amazing how easy it is to get out of balance. A critical aspect of this concept is that loving God comes first. Loving people is important, but it is still number two. When we focus on God first, we can get our sense of identity and worth from Him. Then, trusting God to care for our needs, we can focus on building into the lives of those God puts around us.

Influential Bible Passages

Two Bible passages have been particularly meaningful to me.  The first is John 10:10 which speaks to the need to focus on Jesus and what he is doing in our world to build up and empower us to live a full life.  The second is Hebrews 10:19-27. In it, we see the importance of meeting together with other believers so that we can encourage each other. The writer is very clear to guide us to draw near to God first in full assurance of faith. Then we can truly be a source of real encouragement for people.

More Information: Sermons, Bio, and Writing

You can learn more about me and my potential ministry for your group or church at and by visiting

Speaking Availability

I have recently finished serving as an Intentional Interim Pastor and am available on Sunday Pulpit Supply or teaching.

I am also available for mid-week and Saturday workshops and seminars as well as Sunday evening pulpit supply within a 90-minute radius of Nashua, NH (including Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME).   Longer travel distances could be arranged in advance.

I am available for seminars, breakouts, workshops, and training.  Specialties include Prayer, Inductive Bible Study, Assimilation, Small Group Ministry, Premarital counseling and Using the Power of Video and Modern Technology for Ministry.

Honorarium and travel reimbursements are greatly appreciated.



Phone: (603) 546-5735






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