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Dickens, Derick

Rev. Derick Dickens (MDiv, MAR, MBA) is a professor, an award-winning speaker, freelance writer, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate. With several years of experience as a Senior Pastor, Derick has preached across the United States and Brazil and has written for several Christian organizations and runs an organization for Christian Bloggers and Writers. Derick is known for his natural enthusiasm, but he also focuses the congregation to grow in their understanding of God and the Scripture. Influenced by great preachers of the past, he helps the congregation better understand the text of Scripture, shows how the particular text fits within the entire scope of all the Scripture and applies the text to our life. No matter where Derick preaches in the Scripture, you will see how all Scripture points to our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Derick and his wife live in Lynchburg, Virginia with their three children.

You can contact Derick by e-mail at


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