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Dowda, Coleman


Having been called to preach in 1997, there have been periods between then and now that I have stepped away from that calling – the darkest of these being the few years following a divorce and custody battle.

While I have had the privilege of learning from some of the most highly respected theologians in the country (DTS), even the best of formal studies has its limitations.  I have the greatest respect and appreciation for that time of equipping and growing in knowledge and relationships that endure to this day – I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  But I can’t say that period was the most crucial in my preparation for ministry.

Experiences in ministry have been very educational, having filled various positions of leadership, serving in a number of roles, both in a vocational and a layman’s capacity.  These roles have varied from Associate Pastor, maintenance, leading youth, teaching, preaching, outreach, organizing community events and many others as well.  Each of these posts has played a significant part in a personal preparation.

However, no price can be put on the dark trials of testing, purging and “proving”.  I’m convinced that the process which leads to brokenness is by far the most effective tool of preparation for ministry.  Having experienced this first-hand, I am able now to exercise the gifts God has bestowed from a vulnerable and genuine disposition.  With a clear conscience and a God-given sense of adequacy, I can preach with a boldness that is rooted in a dependency on God.  This is the foundation from which I minister and serve.  It is from this disposition that I now seek opportunities to edify the Body of Christ as I sense the time approaching for me to move deeper into the calling God has put on my life.

In Truth and Hope,


Coleman Dowda

(903) 651-6160


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