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Ellsmore, James W.

God’s Word is Life. It gives illumination, conviction, and reveals God Himself to us.  It has been my joy to find purpose and mission in serving God’s Kingdom and specifically the joy and blessing of opening The Bible through teaching and preaching.

I know that God has called and equipped me for Biblical exhortation and I find my greatest joy in service to His Kingdom alongside His people. He has been leading, preparing and placing me for this purpose and this confirmed, in part, by my ordination November 6th, 2011.

But, I did not always feel this way.

I was incredibly blessed to be born into a missionary family. My father was a missionary pastor and our family was called to pastor churches among the Aleut Indians of the Alaskan Aleutian peninsula. Music and preaching were always a part of my life and our family, and as a young man I gave my life to Christ and felt a call to serve Him wherever He led. In high school and college I had many opportunities to preach and lead music and knew I was on the right path to follow Gods leading.

But, while in college, I stopped relying on God and began to distrust  and question my faith and call. I allowed these doubts to lead me away from God and into many years of living for me and the idols this world offers – almost vowing that I would never be in ministry. I became despondent as I walked this path apart from God.  But God, in His grace and mercy, and through the faith, encouragement, and prayers of friends and family, continued calling me back to Him. Successful in business but miserable in purpose, I decided to try church again and started attending Immanuel Bible Church. I got involved in a music ministry, met my future wife, and over the years I have watched in amazement as God has replaced my desire for my Kingdom, ( to have a big business, lots of money and worldly possessions), with a desired to lead, love and serve using the gifts He has given, strongest among those the ability and joy to teach and preach the Word of God.

LIFE COMMUNITY CHURCH: Worship Arts/Associate Pastor: Jan 2013 – Nov. 2015

SUNSET HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH : Worship Arts Pastor: Jan 2011 – December 2012

BURKE COMMUNITY CHURCH: Worship Arts Director: Mar 2008 – Sept 2009


Washington Bible College

Valley Forge College

Southern Baptist Convention: Ordination November 2011



Stephen Noethen (Board: Life Community Church 2015-2016) (210 260 8862)

Rod Meyers (Board: Life Community Church 2005-2016) (202 497 2962)

Pastor Dave Waters (Sunset Hills Baptist Church) (703) 960-3366

Pastor Ryan McAllister (Life Community Church Alexandria) 540 809 0204

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