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Kirha, Balie

Rev. Balie Kirha, born in Nagaland, India, is the founder of Abundant Life Faith Church, Guwahati, Assam, India (2000 – 2013). With the church, he also founded the Harvest Bible Training Center in Guwahati, through which he has trained and commissioned over 500 graduates. Rev. Kirha is an ordained minister of Faith Community Churches International. He has also served as the Relational Representative of Faith Christian Fellowship, Int (FCF) for India (1999 – 2013) and Asia (2014 – 2016) where he oversaw churches and the ministers credentialed through FCF. He has held frequent seminars and conferences for ministers from resolving church conflicts to church growth and health. He has also conducted many open air evangelistic crusades in India and the Asian region. A graduate of Rhema Bible College (1999), he is a strong advocate of missions and the balance of faith and grace. He moved to Tulsa with his wife and two children in February 2017 and currently in pursuant of further studies.

Thank you for viewing my bio. My name is Balie Kirha and I have been in the ministry for the last two decades. I migrated with my family to the United States in February 2017 permanently although I have lived here on and off, as I have studied here and has worked with an organization based in Tulsa, OK.

I am 45 years old and my wife is 44 years old. We have a daughter, Bryanna, who is 12 and a son, Ethan, who is 9 years old. I met my wife when I was preparing to plant my first church in a new city and ever since, she has been the greatest gift from God for my children and me.

In praying about God’s will for this season of my life, I felt impressed to post my bio on this website as I have a desire to pastor a church. My passion is to teach the word of God with accuracy and simplicity. I am also passionate about raising a church to have missions (both locally and internationally) as one of their core values.

As someone assuming the pastoral position of a church, I believe I am there to serve and work with the people in administrating the affairs of the church and to grow together in the Lord. As the Pastor of a local Church I believe I am there as the under shepherd with Jesus as the Chief Shepherd and my primary responsibility after my personal relationship with Him and my family, is to hear from Him and feed the flock. My role as a Pastor is to nurture and mature the saints with the Word of God in compassion and with wisdom for the church to be the body of Christ as intended by God. I appreciate your prayerful consideration and if there’s any question I can answer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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