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Kujawa, Chris


Chris Kujawa

Home Church:

Journey Batpist Church, Barrington NH


Pastor Rob Willis


Baptist/Evangelical Christian


Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel on December 2, 2013 by Imago Dei Church (an independent evangelical Christian church)

Statement of Faith/Theology:



A resume outlining my education, ministry, and secular work experience is available upon request.

Highlights include being a missionary appointee to an undisclosed location, serving first as an intern then as the Associate Pastor at a small church plant in Dover, NH from 2011 to 2014, and service in a number of roles at Journey Baptist Church.

Preaching Topics:

Any Biblical topic is on the table! My passions are found in reaching the unreached/least reach people of the world, discipleship, and service within the church–both locally and globally.

Preaching Samples:

I am in the process of re-working my website at, where you can find samples of my writing. Audio samples of my sermons will be posted in the coming weeks, as soon as I can work the technical details out.

Additional Notes:

The ministry my wife and I are building involves reaching out to Muslim people groups. As such, I have been doing a large amount of research on Muslim outreach and am in the process of producing a seminar on Muslim outreach. Please let us know if you are interested!

Monetary Requirements

While not required, an honorarium of $200 is requested for my preaching services. Additionally, I do require payment for mileage over 50 miles from my home in Rochester, NH. This will be at less amount of either $0.58/mi or the current U.S. Government standard mileage rate.

Brief Biography of Chris Kujawa:

Finding Christ:

I was raised in a Roman Catholic home during my early years, but I always sensed that there was something missing from what I was taught. Life was not easy during my younger years due to my mother’s death when I was five years old, and because of a series of poor choices during my teenage years, I found myself at a home for homeless children just before turning 16. It was here that I found what was missing in my Catholic upbringing, and gave my life to the Lord. Unfortunately, I did not quite understand what that decision meant before leaving for college and began to try filling the void left by ignoring Jesus with drugs and alcohol.

After leaving that school, I married the love of my life (Jen) and began to settle down a bit. Almost one year into our marriage, Jen and I nearly divorced. This was the catalyst for our return to church.

Drifting and Returning to Christ:

The early years at that church were wonderful. We were both baptized and I began to sense a call of God on our life. We temporarily filled the leadership role in our youth group as the church sought a permanent Youth Pastor. I also began to explore the idea of going to Bible college. However, I was still not mature enough in my faith to truly allow God full control of my life. As a result, I ended up deciding to go my own way in regard to my career.

Fast forward almost 10 years and that decision found me with three children and not attending church because I was working weekend shifts. I was also spiritually empty and desperate to return to church, so I left the weekend job. It took almost a year before I cried out to God in desperation one Sunday and He led us to Journey Church.

Since that time, I have completed an MA in Christian Studies with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry. I also helped plant a church in a neighboring town at the urging of my pastor, and was recently blessed with a position as a mission to a sensitive location. We are currently seeking to build support for our mission and hope to leave in the spring of 2020.

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