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Kurth, Tim

Having served as Director of Christian Education in Chicago area suburban churches for over 25 years the Lord has blessed me with countless opportunities to preach His Word. Over the years opportunities for national and international mission have led to speaking before audiences in more than 30 states and several foreign countries. Whether in my native language or through a translator sharing the powerful message of the Gospel is an unparalleled privilege.

At this point in ministry my work, though based in Indianapolis, is focused on India and Nepal. A couple of times each year I have the chance to travel to these countries. Otherwise I’m here and would love the opportunity to serve your church when you have a need for an accomplished preacher to encourage, challenge, and inspire the congregation.

Having served Lutheran congregations and interdenominational Christian mission organizations I’m comfortable leading in both liturgical and contemporary worship settings. My desire is to serve the Lord by serving you through the gift of preaching and teaching.

As to stipend my expectation is $150 for a single service and $75 for each additional service. Mileage and other related expenses are negotiable. I prefer churches within an hour’s drive of Indianapolis but would travel further to meet special needs.

Thank you for prayerfully considering me to serve your congregation.

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