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Leggett, Tanner

Name: Tanner R Leggett


Home church: Vibrant Church, Saginaw, Texas

Pastor: Marco Johnson

Denomination: Nondenominational

Licensed/Ordained: Ordained

Statement of Faith/Theology: In addition to being in agreement with the Pulpit Supply statement of faith, Vibrant Church Beliefs


  • BA in Chemistry from NC State University in Raleigh, NC.
  • Professional Christian Ministries Certificate from Mid-Atlantic Christian University in Elizabeth City, NC.

Preaching Topics: Faith, Fears, Fruits of the Spirit, Spiritual Development, Prayer life, Tithing. Primarily expository with historical and contextual support.

Additional Notes:

Brief Biography: I grew up in North Carolina before moving to Texas to work as a professional mascot for the Texas Rangers Baseball Team. After 10 years in professional sports, my call to ministry was undeniable. I had already spent a number of years volunteering with the Student/Kids/Prayer Team ministry at Creekwood Church (Mansfield, Texas), but I need to give everything to our Lord. I sold my house, left my job at the Rangers and ended up in what one could call a “wilderness time.” God has proven Himself over and over to me throughout many tough experiences and I consider it my life’s main purpose and joy to share His incredible grace, love, mercy, and justice with the people of my community. I am currently serving as a pastor at Vibrant Church in Saginaw, Texas but due to COVID we have had to pause our ministries. I am available for speaking throughout the week and on weekends.

Tanner is willing to travel 45 miles from his home in Arlington with no specific compensation requests while further excursions require negotiations for travel expenses.

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