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Leonard, Paul

Hello, my name is Paul from the Inland Empire in Southern California. I’m 4 classes away from an Mdiv at Fuller with a 3.6 gpa. I’m none-denominational but from a Calvinist and PCUSA background. I can’t go with them, but neither fit with the OPC or PCA because I am more Scottish than continental reformed (more pnuemetelogical) and there is no way to proceed with their ordination process in my part of California. But I am Westminster compliant.

I am used to a house church and small church context and multiracial makeups.┬áMy blog is brotherpo @ WordPress or “the reformed monk” and I’ve posted a few sermon samples there. My goal right now looks to be a PhD in Systematics.

I take the going rate, but am more interested in experience than money.

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