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Miller, Jesse

With 25 years experience leading worship, 11 years full time experience as a youth pastor, associate pastor, and worship pastor, and 5 years experience as the founding pastor of a church plant, I know I will bring value to your church or event.

I am the author of the books Red Letter Ministry, and Worship Wisdom. I will gladly send you pdf copies of each so you can see some topics that are important to my heart. I can also supply them to you at my cost if you desire any copies for your congregation.

Several of my most requested songs are, “Speak Your Name” and “Jesus the Lamb.” I am available to not only minister from the pulpit, but also from the keyboard or guitar. Many pastors have noted that I have a gift to lead people into the presence of God.

On that note, one thing that is on my heart for the Body of Christ at large is helping people enter the presence of God in worship. It’s entirely possible to be in a room where God’s presence is flowing, yet people find it difficult to enter in because there is a blockage in their own spirits. In my book on this subject, I deal with this problem, show many people in the Bible who dealt with it, and found freedom by applying Kingdom principles. For some churches, it may be advantageous to hold a “Worship Weekend” starting on a Friday night, with a couple services on Saturday, and end with a Sunday celebration. This allows time to both teach and apply the answer, while spending time in worship.

I currently reside with my wife, Julie, and my kids, Abigail age 12, and Benjamin age 5, in Prescott Valley, AZ. We enjoy spending time outdoors as a family, going on hikes, camping, and visiting with our parents who both live in the area. Julie teaches Physical Education at a local Elementary School, and I own an insurance business located in Historic Downtown Prescott, AZ.

You can reach me by email at: or by phone at 602-456-2679.

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