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Muck, William

Name: William (Bill) Muck

Home church: Currently searching for a Bible believing church in the Northern Idaho or Eastern Washington area.

Pastor: Served as Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Reno, NV for nearly 10 years.

Denomination: Baptist or non-denominational

Licensed/Ordained: 2013

Statement of Faith/Theology:

View of GOD.

• God is holy, just, and righteous

• We must seek to express His communicable attributes


Inspiration – The Holy Bible is “God-breathed” (II Tim.3:16; II Peter 1:20-21)

Inerrancy – The Holy Bible contains no errors. God conveyed divine truth to divinely chosen individuals (Ps.19)

Authority – The Holy Bible tells me what I must do.

Sufficiency – The Holy Bible is totally sufficient for every circumstance. (II Peter 1:3-4; Ps.119; II Tim. 3:17; Heb.4:12)

Relevancy – The Holy Bible is totally relevant for every situation. (Ps.19; II Tim.3:17; Ps.119:105; Isaiah 40:8)

View of MAN.

• Mankind, apart from God, is totally depraved.

• On his own, he cannot do good (Romans 3:10-18)

• His heart is deceitfully wicked (Jer.17:9-10)

• His goal in life is selfishness and evil (Genesis 6:5)

• Because of sin, he seeks to glorify only himself (Romans 3:23)

View of the CHURCH.

• The purpose of the Church is to worship and glorify God

• The Church is designed to be a repository of divine truth.

• The Church must hold to a context of loving fellowship and edification.

• The Church must be a training center where people can grow and utilize spiritual gifts.

• The Church is to be a light in this dark world, for the evangelization of the lost.

Biblical View of LEADERSHIP.      

• Model the character of Christ for the flock

• Adequately equip their people to do the work of the ministry

• Provide ample opportunity for them to do this work

Education/Experience: MDiv (Master’s of Divinity) from Multnomah University. Graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.95 GPA)

Preaching Topics: I can easily preach on nearly any topic in the Bible, but particularly favor New Testament gospels.

Preaching Samples: Below are several videos from our recent church services:

Additional Notes:

Brief Biography:

Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Sparks, NV.                         2013–2020

  • Preach and serve a congregation of approx. 50 members by providing weekly sermons, pastoral leadership, Bible Study groups, and pastoral counseling.
  • Create video/PowerPoint media presentations for all church services.
  • Prepare budgets, perform financial analysis, disciple leadership teams, conduct elder/membership meetings, manage social media and web-based outreach ministry.
  • Establish and manage “Outreach Service Projects” for church participation in our community
  • Perform hospital/home visits for members in need.
  • Establish, educate and lead church participation in Homeless Ministries.
  • Coordinate outreach efforts with pastors, clergy, and church leadership from other churches.

Founder and Executive Director, UpReach Reno, Reno, NV.   2018–2020

  • Manage and direct all operations of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the needs of our homeless community.
  • Promote and enlist support of charitable donors and organizations.
  • Speak at public gatherings and civic groups about our homeless community.
  • Coordinate with City, County and State agencies as an advocate for homeless individuals.
  • Prepare budgets and financial planning and goal setting for all aspects of operations.
  • Work to effectively present the needs of the homeless to our local community members.

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Greek, Multnomah University, Reno, NV.   2017–2020    

  • Guide and instruct undergraduate and graduate students in concepts of Biblical Greek
  • Prepare and execute lesson plans and curriculum.
  • Create video presentations and lessons, including online learning via Zoom
  • Track, monitor and record student progression through complex projects.
  • Guide and mentor students in their studies and personal lives.
  • Participate in staff training, planning and preparedness .

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