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Nichols, Ken

I am a Southern Baptist, with over 9 years experience as Sr. Pastor, Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor. I earned an M.Div from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I currently live in the Arlington, TX with my wife, daughter and mother-in-law. My personal website is

My wife and I are active in our church, Tate Springs Baptist Church, where I have had the privilege of preaching several Sunday morning services and Wednesday evening services. I am the lead teacher for the College & Career Group and a regular teacher in our Sunday evening Discipleship courses. I am a seasoned preacher and an effective communicator of the Gospel.

I currently work in Arlington, TX as an IT professional, while patiently awaiting God’s next pastoral or interim assignment.

I can provide numerous references upon request.

If you would like to talk to me about preaching, you may connect with me on twitter or Facebook or email me at: ken AT kennichols DOT org.


Ken Nichols

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